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U.S. Army
Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

Soldier Performance, Health, and Readiness Database

SPHERE Database

SPHERE Database

The SPHERE Database is a high resolution epidemiologic research tool that serves as a significant resource for identifying risk/protective factors and adverse health outcomes and for evaluating intervention strategies in Army personnel. The SPHERE is a vast data repository that combines US Army population data from multiple disparate Department of Defense agencies and is housed and managed within USARIEM's Military Performance Division by a team of epidemiologists, analysts, and database managers.

SPHERE Mission

Support Soldiers by conducting epidemiologic research using existing data to maximize readiness while accomplishing the Army mission.


SPHERE Research

SPHERE collects performance, health, and personnel data from over 7 million Soldiers,
including Active Duty, National Guard and Army Reserves.

Readiness Data Available

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Army Researchers (military and federal civilian) are welcome to contact the SPHERE with
collaborative research requests targeting Army Readiness and Return to Combat Effectiveness.

Questions and requests can be sent to the SPHERE
Point of Contact:

SPHERE Publications (PDF 40KB)

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Last Modified Date: 7/10/2023