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U.S. Army
Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

"We provide solutions to enhance Warfighter health and performance through biomedical research."

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Marine Corps Body Composition Study leads to Modernization of Policies

The military is well known for its physical fitness and body composition standards – standards that were set more than 40 years ago when President Jimmy Carter directed a review of physical fitness for military services. These standards were developed intending to promote the physical readiness of military troops and to prevent obesity.
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USARIEM says farewell to Sue McGraw after 32 years of combined service

Some people bounce around from job to job throughout their careers, but not Sue McGraw – not really. McGraw first stepped foot in the labs of the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine as a student researcher, studying nutrition.
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US Army builds a tool to save lives at high altitude

Mountain climbing is risky business. When unacclimatized individuals rapidly ascend to altitudes greater than 8,000 feet, they put themselves at risk for suffering from high-altitude illnesses. The addition of hard physical exercise, typical of a military mission, increases this level of risk. Detecting these illnesses prior to occurrence has the potential to save lives.
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USARIEM Welcomes New Commander

The U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine welcomed Col. Michael I. Cohen as USARIEM's twenty-fourth commander during a Change of Command Ceremony August 3, at the Natick Soldier Systems Center in Natick, Massachusetts.
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High Altitude Research Laboratory opens with ribbon cutting ceremony

The U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine held a ribbon cutting ceremony for its High Altitude Research Laboratory at Pikes Peak, Colorado, on June 28.
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Research Divisions

Soldier climbing mountain

Biophysics & Biomedical Modeling

BBMD uses biomedical modeling to develop solutions that predict and counter environmental threats to Warfighter health and performance.

Soldiers eating rations

Military Nutrition

MND's research provides the biomedical science basis for developing new rations, menus, food policies and programs that enable Warfighter health and performance.

Soldier running course

Military Performance

MPD conducts research to characterize, improve, and optimize Warfighter performance of military tasks and missions to prevent or mitigate performance decrements due to military-relevant threats, including injuries, physical overload, occupational stressors, and exposures.

Soldier walking in snow

Thermal and Mountain Medicine

TMMD conducts research to optimize physical and cognitive performance and prevent illness associated with military operations at environmental extremes, such as heat, cold, high terrestrial altitude, and subterranean.

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USARIEM at a Glance

USARIEM conducts its mission by leveraging its unique capabilities, facilities and global partnerships with industry, academia and the government.
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U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

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