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U.S. Army
Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

"We provide solutions to enhance Warfighter health and performance through biomedical research."

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Two USARIEM Soldiers walk away with Expert Field Medical Badges. 'Success requires sacrifice.'

Staff Sgt. Anna Coba was two miles from the end of her 12-mile ruck march when she started to slow down. Despite her burning legs and heaving lungs, she summoned a last surge of determination to pass the last tasks needed to earn her Expert Field Medical Badge.
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USARIEM Says Farewell to Dr. Reed Hoyt after nearly 40 Years of Civilian Service

When Dr. Reed Hoyt first started working at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) in the summer of 1986, he was a bright-eyed 35-year-old, eager to learn the ropes of his new position and make his mark.
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Winner of Larry Strickland Leadership Award dedicated to helping Soldiers succeed

NATICK, Mass. – Staff Sgt. Sean M. Reyes is the winner of the prestigious Larry Strickland Leadership Award and Scholarship.
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Armed Forces Work to Adapt to A Changing Climate

Rivulets of sweat dripped down the Soldiers' flushed faces as they marched across the arid land mid-summer. As temperatures rise to over 100°F, the humid air becomes oppressive and heat-related illnesses become an increasingly real threat to Warfighters.
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USARIEM takes on the 2023 Military Health System Research Symposium

Surrounded by slender palm trees and encapsulated by the warmth of the sun's rays, thousands of people from Soldiers to researchers gathered in the heart of Kissimmee, Florida, to attend the annual international 2023 (MHSRS) in mid-August.


Female Warfighter Research Directorate

As the premier leader for female Warfighter health and performance, USARIEM has dedicated efforts to conduct research, identify obstacles, and inform policy makers to enhance the performance and safety of our women in uniform.
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Research Divisions

Soldiers eating rations

Military Nutrition

MND's research provides the biomedical science basis for developing new rations, menus, food policies and programs that enable Warfighter health and performance.

Soldier running course

Military Performance

MPD conducts research to characterize, improve, and optimize Warfighter performance of military tasks and missions to prevent or mitigate performance decrements due to military-relevant threats, including injuries, physical overload, occupational stressors, and exposures.

Soldier walking in snow

Thermal and Mountain Medicine

TMMD conducts research to optimize physical and cognitive performance and prevent illness associated with military operations at environmental extremes, such as heat, cold, high terrestrial altitude, and subterranean.

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USARIEM at a Glance

USARIEM conducts its mission by leveraging its unique capabilities, facilities and global partnerships with industry, academia and the government.
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U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

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