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U.S. Army
Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

"We provide solutions to enhance Warfighter health and performance through biomedical research."

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USARIEM Scientists Search for Microscopic Influencers of Performance in the Gut

A team of researchers at USARIEM have been exploring how the gut microbiome may impact how Warfighters respond to military stressors such as physically and cognitively demanding training and environmental extremes.
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USARIEM Welcomes 25th Commander

During a Change of Command Ceremony today, the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine welcomed Col. Sharon Rosser as the 25th Commander and bid farewell to Col. Michael Cohen.
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Regaining control of frigid fingers: USARIEM investigates a way for Service Members to remain effective in the cold

Have you ever been out in the bitter cold when your normally nimble fingers feel more like clumsy paws? For Warfighter's this is not only frustrating but can have serious adverse effects.
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Teamwork, Networking are Key Takeaways from 2024 Army Best Medic Competition

Staff Sgt. Rodrigo Flores and Sgt. Juan Garcia say it was the prospect of being able to team with each other that inspired them to participate in the 2024 Command Sgt. Maj. Jack L. Clark, Jr. U.S. Army Best Medic Competition at Fort Liberty, North Carolina, in March.
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USARIEM leads the way in Female Warfighter Research

For more than 60 years, USARIEM researchers have extensively studied the Warfighter. Included in this is the recognition of the female Warfighter and the importance of exploring sex differences in physiological and psychological responses to specialized stressors Service Members undergo.


Female Warfighter Research Directorate

As the premier leader for female Warfighter health and performance, USARIEM has dedicated efforts to conduct research, identify obstacles, and inform policy makers to enhance the performance and safety of our women in uniform.
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Research Divisions

Soldiers eating rations

Military Nutrition

MND's research provides the biomedical science basis for developing new rations, menus, food policies and programs that enable Warfighter health and performance.

Soldier running course

Military Performance

MPD conducts research to characterize, improve, and optimize Warfighter performance of military tasks and missions to prevent or mitigate performance decrements due to military-relevant threats, including injuries, physical overload, occupational stressors, and exposures.

Soldier walking in snow

Thermal and Mountain Medicine

TMMD conducts research to optimize physical and cognitive performance and prevent illness associated with military operations at environmental extremes, such as heat, cold, high terrestrial altitude, and subterranean.

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USARIEM at a Glance

USARIEM conducts its mission by leveraging its unique capabilities, facilities and global partnerships with industry, academia and the government.
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U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

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