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U.S. Army
Research Institute of Environmental Medicine

Personnel Data Available

Readiness Data Available

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Army Recruiting Information Support System
Army Recruiting Information Support System
  • Army Accessions Data
  • Accession Date
  • BCT/OSUT Course
  • MOS

Defense Manpower Center
  • DOB, rank, sex, component, MOS/AOC
  • Soldier UIC history
  • Soldier deployment history
  • ASVAB, entrance medical waivers, accessions data
Army Training Requirements
Army Training Requirements & Resource System
  • Courses taken
  • Class rosters
  • Withdrawal, drop, recycle, graduation
  • Reason for drop, withdraw or non-completion

Transition Processing
  • Discharge data
    • Discharge code (SPD)
    • Discharge Reason
    • Separation Type
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Last Modified Date: 7/10/2023