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Behind the Science with Dr. Benjamin Adams, ORISE Research Fellow & Physical Therapist

Dr. Benjamin Adams
Dr. Benjamin Adams

How long have you been at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine?

I have been with USARIEM for four years now as an Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Education and Physical Therapist research fellow. I came across USARIEM after connecting with my mentor, Dr. Richard Westrick, when I entered my Ph.D. rehabilitation sciences program. Additionally, I just finished my doctorate this past year, and plan to continue with USARIEM as a researcher.

How did you become interested in Soldier Nutrition and Performance?

I am a physical therapist first and had worked in orthopedics for many years before getting involved with the research. Performance has always been a part of my clinical practice and interest.

What projects are you currently working on?

I'm currently involved with several projects, from assessing mobility in Soldiers and how that correlates with injury, to assessing post-operative interventions to improve the return-to-duty process. We also have new doctorate students who have joined our team, and I assist with the statistics for their projects.

What aspects of your job do you love and find most gratifying?

I really enjoy the data analysis part, specifically when the results come in and you can start making solid conclusions about how best to help the Soldiers – it is really satisfying.

When you are not at the Institute, what do you like to do for fun?

Besides working for USARIEM and for Massachusetts General Hospital, I like to run and try to go every day. While I'm not training for a specific race at this time, but I do hope to put something on the radar sooner rather than later.

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