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Behind the Science with Major Joshua Dillard, Chief of Logistics

Major Joshua Dillard
Major Joshua Dillard, Chief of Logistics

How long have you been at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine?

I have been assigned to USARIEM and stationed at the Natick Soldier Systems Center for over a year with my wife, Emily. During this time, I have served as the Chief of Logistics and Primary Advisor to the Commander for all things, property, supply, and maintenance.

How did you become interested in Soldier Nutrition and Performance?

In my previous assignment, I served as a Company Commander for the 8th Medical Logistics Company and then as the Deputy S4 for the 30th Medical Brigade. During these positions, I gained a significant amount of experience in planning medical logistics operations. As I began searching for my follow-on assignment, I determined I wanted an opportunity to impact all aspects of logistics, not just the medical side. The Chief of Logistics position here at USARIEM has allowed me to get a much better understanding and appreciation of the entire logistics sphere while assisting in the extremely unique mission that this organization conducts.

What projects are you currently working on?

Currently my team and I have three big projects. One is the removal of out-of-date and excess equipment from the property book. The second is the realignment or adjustment of maintenance plans for our maintenance significant equipment. The third is the clean-up of our warehouse.

What aspects of your job do you love and find most gratifying?

I enjoy solving problems and finding unique solutions to issues. This can come in many different forms whether helping a Soldier with a personal problem or finding a novel or more efficient way for the Logistics Team to accomplish a task.

What part of your job do you find to be the most difficult?

Even though USARIEM is located on the East Coast less than 20 miles west of Boston, the base feels very isolated from the greater Army. By this I mean, my team and I have had to develop new techniques or strategies to complete tasks or accomplish missions because there is limited logistical support onsite.

When you are not at the Institute, what do you like to do for fun?

While not at work, my wife and I are huge travelers. We love experiencing new cultures, exploring new countries, and tasting new foods. We also enjoy watching F1, the Tour de France and professional cycling, the World Cup and other Soccer matches, and all kinds of "Olympic" sports.

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